Terrace Info – On the Route

Terrace, on the traditional territory of the Kitsumkalum and Kitselas First Nations, is a gateway to some of the best outdoor adventure in Northern BC. Located along the mighty Skeena River, the second largest river in British Columbia, Terrace is surrounded by mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, and wildlife.

Grab a fishing pole and drop a line in one of their many rivers or lakes, or get your adrenaline surge with a day of incredible mountain biking on new and challenging trails.

If you’re seeking a quieter adventure, they have that too – fresh air, scenic viewpoints, a variety of local eateries, their own craft brewery, unique boutiques, and a vibrant music and arts scene are waiting for you.  Stop by Heritage Park Museum to participate in a local event or to better understand Terrace’s history.  While they are proud of their small-town roots, they also deliver big on amenities including modern retail businesses, restaurants, and the largest farmers market in Northern BC.

The Northwest is home to a rich history of First Nations culture that dates back to time immemorial. Many opportunities exist to uncover authentic First Nations experiences that are based on the traditional lifestyle.

As well, be sure to keep an eye out for Terrace’s legendary mascot. The Kermodei, also known as the Spirit bear, ghost bear, or Moksgm’ol in Tsimshian, is unique to the North Coast rainforest and sightings are rare. Even locals who have lived in the region their entire lives have yet to catch a glimpse. What makes this white bear so intriguing is that it is a black bear in every respect except for its bright coat of fur. One might think that the bears are albinos but the famous white fur comes from a recessive gene that both parents must possess for their cub to be white.

First Nations legends recall the Kermodei as the spirit of the rainforest. Long ago a raven changed the earth from snowy white to forest green but didn’t want to forget the past. So the raven changed every tenth black bear into a white one to remember the world the way it had once been.

As the city’s official mascot you will find statues of the animal, all uniquely painted by local artists on display throughout the downtown and along the Grand Trunk Pathway.

Side Route Alert | Kitimat (South via Hwy 35)

Kitimat is located 62 km south of Terrace via Highway 37 and is enveloped in the beauty of BC’s north coast mountains. Located on the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation, Kitimat is a sport fisher’s paradise that also boasts epic hikes and a host of water adventure options.

Side Route Alert | Nisga’a Highway Nass Valley (North via Hwy 113)

The Nisga’a Highway 113 runs north from Terrace through vast lava fields and along the mighty river K’alii-askim Lisims (the Nass River). The Nass Valley is about 95 km north of Terrace – once you arrive at the Nisga’a Visitor Centre, stop to pick up an auto tour map that includes stops at the natural hot springs, lava beds, and the four First Nations villages in the area.