Tour Route 16

Over 1,000KM of smooth British Columbia riding + hundreds of kilometers more of beyond-the-highway adventure terrain. Whatever you ride, however you ride, you’ll be glad you came.

Walker Rides – A Tail on Two Wheels

The story of Jim and Walker’s inseparable bond, which takes them where few riders go with their four-legged companions. From pristine asphalt to adventure off the beaten path, Route 16 is more than just a ride; it’s a backdrop for the unforgettable.

Unpaved | Finding A Path Forward With Golnoosh Namazi

Unpaved tells the story of Adventure Rider Golnoosh Namazi and her experience finding herself, and her passion, on the roads less traveled along Route 16.

Golnoosh Namazi’s Journey

Find your line along the lifeblood of Northern BC.

Route 16 perfectly intersects through the middle of British Columbia, running east to west from Mount Robson to Prince Rupert. The highway binds the communities along it together through the vast wilderness, changing scenery, and plentiful wildlife.

BC rides know no bounds.

In addition, the nature and environment through which your bike passes are truly astounding, making the rider feel the freedom of the open road on two wheels. Less traffic allows for an uninterrupted experience of the true culture and history along the Route.

Stops that’ll knock your socks off.

There are well over a dozen stops to make throughout the journey to discover our pioneer past, the fur trade, the railway, our local First Nations, and present industry.

Forge North

The people we meet, the places we see, and the things we experience on the ride are why we leave home in the first place.

Northern Travel

Sometimes it takes getting off the beaten track to really find your way

Whatever you ride, however you ride, you can find friends here

On The Route

Route Guides & Distances

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Cultural Attraction

Mount Robson


Prince George


Burns Lake



The Hazeltons


Prince Rupert

Mount Robson to McBride

76.5km or 47.53mi

McBride to Prince George

208.5km or 129.56mi

Prince George to Vanderhoof

99.5km or 61.83mi

Vanderhoof to Burns Lake

128.2km or 79.66mi

Burns Lake to Houston

79.7km or 49.52mi

Houston to Smithers

64km or 39.77mi

Smithers to The Hazeltons

68km or 42.25mi

The Hazeltons to Terrace

137km or 85.13mi

Terrace to Prince Rupert

144km or 89.48mi

Side Routes

Side Route Guides & Distances

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Fort St. James

Francois Lake




Haida Gwaii

Nisga’a Highway Nass Valley

Port Hardy

Mount Robson to Valemount

36.6km or 22.74mi

McBride to Valemount

84.2km or 52.32mi

PG to Barkerville

188km or 116.82mi

Vanderhoof to Fort St James

66.9km or 41.57mi

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Burns Lake to Francois Lake

 30.3km or 18.83mi

Burns Lake to Granisle

98.4km or 61.14mi

The Hazeltons to Stewart

260km or 161.62mi

Terrace to Kitimat

61.6km or 38.28mi

Terrace to Nass Valley

100km or 62.14mi

Prince Rupert to Haida Gwaii

223km or 138.63mi by Ferry

Prince Rupert to Port Hardy

523km or 324.98mi by Ferry