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The Motorcycle Hub Article

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The Motorcycle Hub Article


“The people we meet, places we see, and things we experience on the road are why we leave home in the first place. No statement could be truer about why one might go north from Vancouver on motorcycles, in search of adventure along Route 16. Known as the Yellowhead Highway, the road begins in the Canadian prairies, cuts through the Rocky Mountains, and bisects British Columbia from east to west. In BC, it’s the arterial corridor that gives life to business, travel and recreation in the north and centre of the province. A hive of history and culture, it is baptism by immersion and a must-see tranche of land and life for those from near and far. As far as motorcyclists are concerned, Route 16 is a spectacular road to ride, with a myriad of options for getting off the beaten track on either side, and loaded with great people to happily show you the way to your next favourite road, campsite, restaurant, or viewpoint. If your travel begins and ends in Vancouver, it makes a great northern leg of a circle tour, and one that you can really make part of a longer trip around BC, depending on your appetite for motorcycle touring…”

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Article By Theo Birkner. Taken from The Motorcycle Hub – The Motorcycle Hub Website

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