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Canadian Biker Magazine Article

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Canadian Biker Magazine Article


“Sitting on my deck on a warm summer evening I often see a motorcycle or two turn off of Highway 56 and drive up and down the two streets of Meeting Creek, but they rarely stop. There isn’t much to stop for in this town any more. I suspect they leave town thinking there is nothing going on around here at all. If that is what they think they would be wrong. While the town has almost faded back in to the Alberta Parkland that gave it birth, the production of grain that drew the settlers here in the first place is going strong.

The landscape around Meeting Creek is still dominated by the presence of the family farm. These people take pride in the fact that they play a part in feeding the world. These farmers are my friends and they are the guys I ride with.

We were having coffee at Tim Horton’s in Camrose, just up Hwy. 56 from Meeting Creek, in the dead of winter. Someone pulled out a map and we began to discuss possible routes we might take when the snow melted and the crop was seeded. Since most of the guys had never been on Hwy. 16 (the Yellowhead) west to the coast this was an attractive option. Add to this the fact that most of the grain grown in our area takes the CN rails along the same route to market and a plan was beginning to develop…”

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Article By Marvin Penner. Taken from CDN BKR – Canadian Biker Magazine Website

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